There is a little child in every person. I create teddy bears in order to touch that child, make this child smile, laugh and feel the joy and wonder of life.

I strive for vividness of characters, for perfection in technique, for sharing my love and friendliness through my works.

Making teddy bears is like having long continuous holiday :) I enjoy every single minute of the process, and then I fall in love with the result. I am not a fast maker, it takes me quite long to find the character of every single teddy that I make. But, honestly saying, it makes them even more precious to me.

All my teddies are unique, created by my own patterns. I work with professional materials, I love natural fabrics like mohair, alpaca and viscose, and I prefer to fill my teddies with natural fillings as well - either sheep wool or mohair filling. I constantly learn new things about this art, and I always try to elaborate new patterns, gradually widening the scope of styles and techniques.